Web pages

Web pages with themes

1. Showcase

Web page with audiovisuals and textile samples where is detailed the work-in-process and product applications. Visit this sample: High-knit s.a.

Web pages without themes -with code-

1. Interactive map FineArt 2018

Complementary WebApp of festival's communication with a map to drive visitor at place. Visit this sample: WebApp FineArt 2018

2. Visual gallery

Web page with full-width image galleries where are shown welding and industrial maintenance company services. Visit this sample: Talferco s.a.

Games and others

1. Puzzle

Web page without theme. Puzzle with ten different samples with full responsive design, customizable and adaptable. Visit this sample: El Trencaclosques

2. Interactive article

Web page without theme. The sample is an interactive article written in català about the usage of internet to answer how many data is shared every minute by the users according to three levels: international, national and local. Visit this sample: How many data do we share every minute?

3. Game

Web page without theme. The sample is a game (in catalan) where to link a place with some content to achieve the best result. Visit this sample: El joc d'Anoia Patrimoni